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My Frequently Asked Questions Article

If you have been unlucky in love, or want to know what the future has in store for you, why wait for fate to decide to step in, all your answers could be revealed by seeking out a full life psychic reading, which is when Gold Coast Spiritualist comes into the picture. I know what you are thinking, all this is hocus-pocus, and such professionals are a bunch of charlatans; however, allow me to prove you wrong. Within my frequently asked questions post, I reveal how I work and what I can do to help you on your life quest.

Why use your services?

Simple, unlike most psychics, I have been around since 2009, and my services have been sought out by the residents of Chicago, IL for 12 years. I don’t use gimmicks and never lie to my clients, which is probably one of the biggest reasons I have stayed in business for so long.

Does the company accept debit or credit cards?

Yes, I will accept MasterCard, AMEX, American Express, cash, Visa, most debit cards, and Discover — it’s your choice.

Does the company offer its services only to the residents of Chicago, IL?

No, I cover the areas listed below:

  • Roscoe Village, IL

  • Cicero Township, IL

  • Lincolnwood Village, IL

  • Elmwood Park Village, IL

  • Forest Park Village, IL

Is the company insured, licensed, bonded, or certified?

As a matter of fact, I am. Details are available on request.

Does the company only work with private customers?

No, everyone is welcome to use my services.

What services can the company offer me?

Please read the following list:

  • Spiritual Cleansing

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Reliable Psychic Readings

  • Tarot Card Reading

  • Meditation Sessions

  • Spiritual Healing

  • Reuniting Lovers

Inquiries are welcome, so if you would like to discuss any of my services in further detail, call me on the number I have included in the conclusion of this article.

What are the opening hours of Gold Coast Spiritualist?

I am open at the following times:

Monday – Sunday: 9 AM – 9 PM

Are appointments necessary?

No. However, when I perform any psychic readings, I first need to get a sense of what you require from me. What I do is not an exact science, so time is needed if you want the answers to your questions. So making an appointment would be prudent.

Can I get a free estimate?

Of course, and if you want to see how competitive my prices are with other services in the vicinity, you are welcome to look.

Do you have reviews or input yet from clients with regard to the services provided?

Yes, I do. You can look at the testimonial page if you want further information on my services and what people had to say about them.

You have, I hope by now, sufficient confidence to proceed due to my questions and answers post. If you would like to make an appointment for a past life palm reading or any of my other services, please do not hesitate to contact me today at this number (773) 824-6214 within my business hours.